Therapeutic Foster Care

Caring is a Lifelong Calling

Ever since she can remember, Faye has been caring for others.

She was formerly a paramedic in Los Angeles, where she specialized in working with high-risk babies and infants. Later, after moving to Massachusetts, she taught high school and middle school students. Now, Faye is a pastor at a church she founded in her community. She has raised three children of her own, all of whom are now grown. And for the past 10 years, Faye has been a foster parent with Massachusetts MENTOR. A deep-seated caring is evident in everything she does.

“I always had a house full of kids. The slumber parties, the spaghetti, pancakes early in the morning—mommy did all of the above,” said Faye. When her children moved out, she had three empty bedrooms and the house to herself. The decision to become a Mentor wasn’t a difficult one.

“Some people have said to me, ‘Girl, are you crazy? You’re at the age when you should be retired and traveling. You’ve got a church, you’re doing things, you’re going places—why on Earth would you become a foster parent?’” said Faye.

“I said, ‘Why not?’ I had the home, I had the space, but most of all, I had the heart. And the kids needed me.”

She hasn’t looked back since.

Opening Her Heart and Home

In 2012, Faye welcomed two siblings into her home: Samantha, who was 9 at the time, and Zavianna, who was just a year old. Samantha had been in another foster home previously and was very protective of her younger sister. “They had been through a lot, you know?” said Faye.

Faye recalls one night early on when Zavianna became ill. At two in the morning, as Faye nursed the little girl through her tears and nausea, she began to realize how special the bond between a foster parent and the child they care for can be.

“When she looked up at me with those brown eyes and said ‘Mommy,’ it touched my heart,” said Faye. “That’s when she won my heart for real.”

Samantha and Zavianna have been with her ever since. Samantha is now a confident, driven 14 year-old who succeeds in her classes and participates in Air Force ROTC at her high school. Zavianna is an irrepressible 5-year-old girl. “Zavi’s in kindergarten, and her favorite sport is hanging upside down from the zipline,” said Faye.

To the girls, Faye is just “mom.”

Faye continues to open her heart and home to other children at risk, providing them with the love and support they need. She wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love kids,” said Faye. “I find it rewarding.”

Therapeutic Foster Care