Therapeutic Foster Care

Carla Found Her Foster Parent Community

Mentor foster parent Carla McGhee smiling proudly at her decision to join New Jersey MENTOR

Special Supports for Families

It takes a village to raise a child and Carla McGhee has found her community in New Jersey MENTOR. She was already a foster parent but a Mentor foster parent recommended she make the switch to our Therapeutic Foster Care program.

“I became a Mentor foster parent with New Jersey MENTOR because I felt passionate about helping youth whom most people would turn away. I understand that these children need special attention, acceptance, and patience, and I have a willingness to serve them,” Carla explained.

Mentor foster parents like Carla receive supports and tools through Therapeutic Foster Care to provide the best environment for growth and healing to children who may have emotional and behavioral needs and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our expert staff  works with each family to create Individualized Service Plans (ISPs), recognizing each child’s past and needs to find their best path forward. “Through therapeutic care and counseling, New Jersey MENTOR makes the difference in children’s lives that will make the difference for them over a lifetime,” said Carla.

Serving The Most Vulnerable

Children and teens entering foster care may have experienced, neglect, trauma, or even human trafficking. Having the foundation of Mentor family and an extended support team can change the course of their lives entirely. By carefully matching children with caring Mentor foster parents and providing extensive resources, Therapeutic Foster Care is able to impact those most vulnerable. “We help children learn to cope with trauma and healthily process painful experiences. We support them, nurture them and give them the safety that every child deserves to have in life,” Carla said.

It is this sense of team work and shared purpose that keeps Carla going. “I stay with New Jersey MENTOR because of the strong camaraderie that is established between parents, staff, and the youth we serve,” she said.

Therapeutic Foster Care