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Kristopher and Lucas Flourish in Forever Home

Willie and Teresa Smith decided they weren’t ready to become empty nesters. Little did they know about two very special boys that would soon change their world. The Smiths became Mentor foster parents with Alabama MENTOR in 2003 and over the years have opened their hearts and homes to over 30 children.

Adopted brothers Kristopher and Lucas dressed for prom where Lucas was appointed to prom court.

Lucas (left) and Kristopher (right) dressed for prom where Lucas was crowned prom prince.

One of those children was Kristopher, then 6-years-old. Kristopher faced several medical challenges including cerebral palsy, seizures, and blindness. Willie and Teresa fell in love as soon as he entered their lives. Kristopher no longer has seizures and has a special bond with Willie, smiling and kicking when he hears Willie’s truck approaching home.

Two years after Kristopher joined the family, Willie and Teresa welcomed Lucas who also has cerebral palsy. Lucas was originally only going to stay with them for a weekend, but once again, the family fell in love. Lucas was 14-years-old when he entered the Smiths’ lives and only weighed 38 pounds but quickly grew in their care. Now Lucas is 17-years old and Teresa describes him as an outgoing and flirtatious young man with a huge personality.

Kristopher and Lucas Smith light up the room with a smile.

“Not one time have we had any regrets or second thoughts,” says Teresa. “They’re a part of us. Now our family is complete.”

Lucas and Kristopher are also adored and cared for by the Smiths extended family. On July 22nd, which was also Teresa’s birthday, Lucas and Kristopher were officially adopted as brothers and as Smiths.

“Teresa and Willie are an exceptional family,” says Alabama MENTOR State Director, DeAnna Hand. “Their dedication and committed care is inspiring to many. Over the years they have embraced the lifestyle of serving others and do with grace and love. I’ve witnessed the boys light up with smiles and coos as Teresa talks with them. It warms your heart immediately! The boys are blessed to have them as their forever home and we are thankful for the Smiths.”

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