Therapeutic Foster Care

The Healing Power of Music and Family

Robert and Eleanor Lewis have been Mentor foster parents with Georgia MENTOR for 6 years! They are passionate about supporting children in need, often welcoming children facing difficult challenges like medical needs or welcoming large sibling groups.

Mentor foster parents receive skill development to help them implement the RELATE model, which includes techniques for Mentors to connect with a child and understand their unique background and needs. Robert Lewis is a former musician, so he and Eleanor embrace music as a way to connect with kids.

Recently the Lewis family welcomed a sibling group of 3 who are also embracing the healing power of music! “Mr. Lewis has expressed with joy that each child is interested in learning a musical instrument, including piano and trumpet,” said Mikita Brown, Program Supervisor. “Music is a proven form of self-expression and therapy. We look forward to watching each of these children grow and develop.”

Welcome a Child in Need

Therapeutic Foster Care