Therapeutic Foster Care

The Hortons Welcome Twin Girls

LaKeisha and Clarence Horton are foster parents in our Medically Fragile Program. They are currently fostering twin girls born to addiction who just had their first birthdays and have supported the twins since the very beginning.

The older twin was able to come home to the Hortons quickly and receive oxygen support at home. Her sister is still receiving care in the hospital. And the whole family can’t wait for her sister to join her!

“You can tell when she misses her sister,” LaKeisha said. “She can talk, she says ‘sister.’ At the hospital, she’ll be pulling on stuff like she’s about to break her out. I think sibling relationships are important event at this age.”

The Hortons visit frequently, and never lost faith even when they experienced crises and scares. Now they expect her to be released in a few weeks. “We don’t know how it happened, but my family – we have a strong spiritual life,” said LaKeisha.

LaKeisha works from home as a consultant and Clarence is retired, helping them to be flexible with visits, medical support, and childcare. And their MENTOR team is always available to provide encouragement and support.

“Our team is like a sounding board if I ever need help. Even if it’s late at night. It really does make the difference,” LaKeisha said.

While they only intended to foster, the Hortons plan to adopt the twins when both are finally together at home! “We’ve gotten attached. It’s been a blessing,” said LaKeisha. “The girls have really changed my life. My family say motherhood looks good on me.”

Therapeutic Foster Care