Teens in Need

Family Makes a Difference

Older children face disproportionate challenges when leaving foster care, including homelessness. Now more than ever, foster parents are vital lifelines for teenagers trying to navigate an unprecedented world, find their identities, and plan for their futures.

While working with teenagers may seem intimidating to some families, many of our Mentor foster parents find that teens are better able to communicate how they feel and develop meaningful relationships with their foster families. Older children may face more emotional and behavioral challenges, but they can also be more independent and able to take care of themselves in the basic ways small children can’t.

“I feel like they’re so overlooked. They deserve a chance,” said Markie McWashington, Mentor foster parent.

We offer virtual preservice and 24/7 support so that you are never alone and our expert staff can help you empower children to heal, grow, and thrive. The stay may be short but the impact will last a lifetime.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mentor foster parent to an older child in care, please submit your contact information below!