The MENTOR Difference

Mother, father, and daughter smiling with therapist in office

Ordinary Families, Extraordinary Change

Whether you are a new foster parent or an experienced foster parent looking to make a change, our team is here for you. We offer 24/7 support and ongoing skill development opportunities so that you are always empowered to make a difference. You are part of our treatment team, and we advocate for the children and families we work with every day. We call our foster parents Mentors because they do more than open their homes–they open their hearts and take an active role in helping a child reach their permanency goals.

“MENTOR gets it. We met everyone and we just absolutely loved it. They hold you to higher standards but they also support you and that’s a beautiful combination. They know how to support the foster families on a level beyond. They can walk in my door and be like, ‘we’ll talk while I fold this basket of laundry,” said Ann Bearse, Mentor foster parent.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mentor foster parent, please submit your contact information below!

The Importance of Relating

Our Family Vistas® model is a clinical, evidence-based approach that emphasizes the importance of family relationships in a child’s healing. Every Mentor has multiple specialists with expertise, passion, and dedication available to them on a regular basis. The children in care may have emotional and/or behavioral challenges and in our Family Vistas® program we use the RELATE technique so that Mentor foster parents are always prioritizing a child’s needs and recognizing how their past experiences may affect their behavior. Learning to relate to a child and form that healing bond before addressing specific behavior lets children learn to build coping skills and overcome trauma.