Host Home

A Family Affair

Amber loves to keep busy, and in her Mentor Rhonda’s home, there’s no shortage of activities. With Rhonda’s large family, there is always something for 33-year-old Amber to do. She helps with chores, runs errands with the family and goes to little league games, even participating as the bat girl. When she is not with her Mentor family, Amber spends time with her parents and siblings, with whom she is very close.

The Independence She Wanted

Amber grew up in a loving and supportive home. As she got older, her mother Debbie noticed Amber was becoming increasingly frustrated. She wanted to be more independent.

Amber watched her siblings move out and start their own lives and wanted to do the same. Her mother searched for a way to give her that opportunity.

Amber, who has intellectual and developmental disabilities, is very capable but still needs guidance. Debbie wanted her daughter to have a home with caring people who could provide her with the support she needed while also fostering her growing independence. She researched community-based options for people with disabilities and found the answer in the Host Home program. When family friend Rhonda said she would be Amber’s Host Home provider, Debbie knew this was just what Amber needed.

Since moving into her new home, Amber now has the independence and busy lifestyle she wanted. “They opened their home for me and let me live here,” Amber said gratefully. Equally thankful is her mother Debbie, happy that Amber has the opportunity to move forward like she wanted while still receiving the support she needs.

The Importance of Helping Others

“She’s blossomed in so many ways,” said Debbie. Amber has learned to take better care of herself, how to prepare meals and how to knit, which has become one of her favorite hobbies. Rhonda’s family has also learned a great deal since opening their home to Amber. One of the most valuable rewards Rhonda receives from being a Mentor is seeing her children learn firsthand the importance of helping others.

“Everyone does better when they have people in their life who care about them,” said Rhonda.

With two loving families who care about her a great deal, Amber is thriving.

Host Home