Therapeutic Foster Care

Foster Parents Make All the Difference

In our Therapeutic Foster Care program, caring foster parents help youth at risk by providing nurturing supports in a loving family home. We call our foster parents Mentors because they do so much more than provide a home to a child in need—they help children heal, grow and learn, forever changing their lives. By opening your home to a child in need and becoming a Mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in their life. You’ll also receive the tools, education and support from our expert team that you need to be successful as a foster parent. What’s more, the bonds of family you will create can last a lifetime.

A Perfect Match

In order to create the best matches possible between our Mentors and the children they serve, we consider the needs and preferences of both through our comprehensive matching process. Proper matching takes time and is well worth the investment to make that “perfect match.” The matching process is designed to ensure that you, your family and the foster child who comes to live with you are comfortable so that you can develop a meaningful relationship. A successful match can forever change lives for the better.

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