Therapeutic Foster Care

“Gotcha Day!” Celebrating Jaiden’s Adoption

Congratulations to the growing Rodrigues family! The Rodrigueses have been Mentor foster parents for five years and have welcomed many children into their home. They have one biological daughter Cyla but wanted to share their support, time, energy, and care with others. Their second ever placement was Destiny. Destiny was abandoned at the hospital without a name when she was two weeks old. The Rodrigueses loved and fostered her. When they found out Destiny needed a forever home, the Rodrigueses finalized her adoption on one of the happiest days of their lives, just before her third birthday in February 2018.

Shortly after, the Rodrigueses discovered that Destiny had a brother named Jaiden. Jaiden was living with an older relative. The Rodrigueses quickly made themselves available as a resource to Destiny’s brother, and as the elder relative became unable to care for Jaiden, the Rodrigueses opened their home to him as well. Jaiden grew in therapeutic foster care. Then, almost one year exactly after Destiny’s “Gotcha Day”, Jaiden joined her as a Rodrigues!

In addition to Cyla, Destiny, and Jaiden, the Rodrigues family has opened their home to a set of siblings in foster care so they can stay together.

“We felt the need to give back and want to share our experiences, time, and good fortune with children,” said Rodrigues parents Roy and Mary. Massachusetts MENTOR is lucky beyond words to work with you!

Therapeutic Foster Care