Therapeutic Foster Care

The Fisher Family’s Virtual Adoption

Congratulations on the adoption of Jeremiah, Remington & Rowan! “We started our foster care journey with an open mind, ready to welcome youth of any age in need of love and care,” Mentor foster mom Ashley shares. “We never imagined to be blessed with 10 children!” Each of their children came into the family with their own story and aspirations. Ashley explains that while adopting through foster care was not the original goal, “You just fall in love with them and can’t imagine life without them!” As the permanency goal of the children in care changed to adoption, Ashley and her husband Jon welcomed the new members of their family. Ryanne, Braxton, and Bryndle were adopted in 2017, followed by Kase and Conrad in 2019. The family also cares for Deidra, and they keep in touch with children who have moved on in their foster care journeys.


Finding Forever Family

On May 15, 2020, the family grew again through a virtual hearing and the adoptions of Jeremiah, Rowan, and Remington were finalized. Ashley reflects upon meeting Rowan and Remington. “We got the call to foster twins, met them in the hospital the same day and fell in love instantly!” Less than three months later, 16-year-old Jeremiah joined the Fisher family. He initially shared with Ashley and Jon that while he didn’t want to be adopted, he wanted them to be his forever family. The Fishers respected his wishes. Christmas morning delivered a heart-warming surprise when Jeremiah shared a letter with Ashley and Jon asking to be adopted.

Jeremiah Fisher

Sharing Their Foster Care Journey

“I think if you have it in your heart you should definitely foster,” states Ashley. Ashley and her children share their story with people interested in becoming foster parents to help bring awareness to the need for homes for teenagers. “You can be that person to make a difference in just one kid’s life,” advises Ashley, “They will remember it for a lifetime.”

Twin baby boys in bowties celebrate birthday outside with cakes

Remington and Rowan Fisher

The Fishers maintain their complex schedule with organization and daily routines. They have made adjustments to keep regulation and normalcy within their household with the addition of remote learning. The family has also enjoyed trips to Disney World, Gatlinburg, and Aruba among other fun destinations.

The MENTOR Difference

The Fishers are supported by their Ohio MENTOR team. “They are always there for you,” Ashley shares, “Kara Pickrell has been our Program Services Coordinator for six-and-a-half years. She is very accommodating, flexible, and has been a blessing to our family.” Ashley also appreciates the extended support from Program Director Kristin Gonzalez. “It’s the little things that go a long way. Kristin even texts me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day!”

“When I tell you I’ve been blessed and have some great kids, I mean it,” Ashley shares. Congratulations to the Fisher family and thank you for being a part of the Ohio MENTOR family!

Therapeutic Foster Care